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Marblehead Harbor looking from Old Burial Hill

Marblehead Harbor looking from Old Burial Hill, Marblehead, Essex Co., Massachusetts


The Descendants


John Legg and Elizabeth Melinda Cole

In The Early 18th century, thousands of people purchased their passage across the Atlantic by contracting to work for three to five years as servants. The earliest record of the Legg family is that of John Legg, an indentured servant of Mr. John Humphrey.

John Legg was born in 1609 and came to America with the Winthrop Fleet in 1631 and landed in Salem, Mass. On the 3rd of May of that year, (John was then about 21 years old) he was severely whipped ( First case of whipping inflicted in Salem, Massachusetts), because he had struck a Richard Wright of Saugus who had corrected him for idleness in his master's work.

On becoming a free man on May 6th, 1635, he moved to Marblehead, Mass. and became one of the founders of that city. He was a ship maker and a merchant. John eventually owned considerable property on Marblehead's Great Neck. In 1659 he was one of five men to work on "seating" the meeting house. He probably purchased "Legg's Hill" as an investment. On the Indian campsite behind the hill, a number of artifacts have been found. Two centuries later, the "Legg's Hill" reservoir and standpipe, which was for the exclusive use of Marblehead, still exist.

The above article taken from

The Founding of Marblehead
Author Thomas E. Gray
Published by: Gateway Press, Inc Baltimore 1984


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